PLACIS (Collaborative PLAtform for Systems Engineering)

What is PLACIS?

PLACIS (Collaborative PLAtform for Systems Engineering) is a new format to train engineers, through at-a-distance international and/or industrial multidisciplinary projects carried out collaboratively by students using the latest engineering and collaborative tools.

PLACIS is a project-based learning framework, where projects are not small-scale one-shot projects.

PLACIS projects share the following features:

  • Multi-semester projects, with “their background to be considered in most cases”,
  • Direct at-a-distance interaction between two (company and academic partner) or three stakeholders (company, academic partner N°1, academic partner N°2),
  • Work between professionals and students with different backgrounds, from different academic institutions and countries,
  • Possibility of “visits to an industrial company or an academic partner” for a kick-off meeting or a working event,
  • A special PLACIS day in February where all actors can meet and the first semester “I assessed”.

Our academic partners & partner companies


Academic partners

Polytechnic University of Turin; University of Naples Federico II; Polytechnic University of Valencia; KU Leuven; Hochschule Esslingen; Riga Technical University; Aalto University; ENSAM Meknès; Georgia Institute of Technology; UEC Tokyo; …

Industrial partners

Hutchinson; Dassault Systèmes; Alenia Aermacchi ; Istituto Motori ; Festo ; Bosch ; Aldebaran Robotics; EcoClimaSol; DPS; …

Companies & research centers in PLACIS

  • Propose subjects for projects that can be “implemented during several semesters”.
  • Interact regularly with students and academic tutors.
  • Receive the content of the work done by the students.
  • Can assess participating students, who are potential recruits.
  • Gain experience on the most advanced integrated system engineering software and methods they may consider using in the future.
  • Can take advantage of a wide range of academic partners.

Universities & students in PLACIS

  • Have students “implementing” the projects and teachers & academic staff coaching them.
  • Strengthen ties with the industrial world.
  • Can propose “multi-semester” projects to both students and staff.
  • Gain experience on the most advanced integrated system engineering software and methods they may consider using in the future.
  • Can take advantage of new academic partners and improve their position in international education engineering.
  • Can introduce new tools in order to make teachers become coaches in “project-based learning through” new toolboxes and methods.

Who is supporting PLACIS?

PLACIS is the result of the answer to a call issued by the French Agency for Research. PLACIS is run by Institut Polytechnique Grand Paris (Supméca, ENSEA, EISTI) and benefits from a financial support from the French State managed by the French State Agency for Research in the framework of the “Investments for the future” program, under the reference ANR-11-IDFI-0029.

Investments for the future

As software provider, Dassault Systèmes is a privileged partner of PLACIS IDEFI.

3DS Dassault Systems